What we do

We manage projects from dreams to reality:
structuring, funding and executing.

Our mission is to empower future generations.
So, we plan to focus on projects with social impact, mostly in the education sector,
but also in other areas like health, sports, tourism or culture.

We have a few projects of our own
– always partnering up with different stakeholders from the civil society –
and we also work with existing organizations
to support their acceleration and to help them reach a greater impact.

We strive to shake things up and find new solutions.

I will shake

you will shake

it will shake

we will shake

you will shake

they will shake

Who we are

Our experience, Our diversity, Our creativity

Pedro Santa Clara

Mafalda Furtado de Mendonça

Paulo Rodrigues da Silva

Mafalda Sousa Guedes

Francisco Martins

Teresa Burnay

Madalena Mexia

João Neto

Ana Conduto

Ana Conduto

Why we do it

Over the last few years, we were focused on developing and expanding
a business school in Portugal, Nova SBE.
Our biggest goal was the development of a 70,000 sqm brand new campus by the sea,
almost entirely financed through a fundraising campaign that raised over 50M€.

That’s how we all met.

From this experience,
we have all developed a desire to build innovative and impactful projects
and that’s what Shaken not Stirred is all about

How to reach us

M: “Bond, I need you back.”
Bond: “I never left.”


Rua Neves Ferreira, nº 13B – 2º
1170-273 Lisboa